debt of honour

she wended through shadows skewed dramatic
and tropes stoked by cigars phlegmatic
my thoughts entwined in smoke
in decadence baroque

beauty was her ace in the hole
and i was entranced, truth be told

a manifestation of mouth and dare
she could falter reality with a sultry stare
an unbuttoned halter
tossed over the altar

some sleight of hand and angle shooting
this old man could not stop saluting

but her bluff was a sly thief in the night
no cry of brava, true love’s lost fight
and only her eyes burned like lava
through a veil balaclava

all in for bounty, not bottom end
i failed to see what her pout did portend

tousle and rocking soon turned to tussle
a bum hand dealt, i’d done the hustle
but one swift geld below the belt
buried me under greenest felt


© All rights reserved 2016

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