her words still softly breathing
like ice, the back of my neck
on garlands of wintry poesy
i lumber in the driving rain

my scornful eyes, her candy lips
a whisper there of a name
a heart crashed hard like jigsaw clay
i’d thrown the pieces all around

her body no longer frames to mine
and i’m lost in thrumming pour
i see pain ripple on the ground
how could she love him more than me?

so hear now, all frogs’ orchestra
you ushers of this sodding night
vain, await the boobook call
sing up a new and better day

her lips still softly breathing
like words, the neck, my soul
compelling me to face myself
where have the frogs all gone?

i cannot think about this now
i know enough to grieve
recall the shimmer on her cheek
feel tears spill from the sky for me

i’m wondering why i should care
why this has to start with me
an unsaid truth hangs in the air
she’s not the whore… it’s me


© All rights reserved 2008

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