Open-Source Poetry #1

Dear Readers,

As those of you who have read our FAQ page will already know, we no longer collaborate with other bloggers, and haven’t done so for a long time.

(You! Yeah, you! The one with a surprised look on your face! Yes, we do have an FAQ page. Go on! Go and read it now, lazybones! Also we have many other cool pages such as About Us or Hole-in-the-wall but now’s not the time for that.)

So, anyway, we have a proposition for you. We’d like to amend this case of affairs by offering a space for you all to collaborate on a poem together instead. Let’s explain how this would work…

1) We provide the first line of the poem.
2) You write the next line.
3) You submit your line via the comments section of this very post.
4) We pick the line we like most and add it to the poem.
5) We publish the first and second lines in a follow-up post.
6) Steps 2-5 are repeated until we have a masterpiece!

Please be assured that we won’t forget to mention the names of all the contributors. This way, everyone gets the acknowledgement they deserve.

So, what do you think, Dear Readers? Would you like to have a try? It could be fun! Yes? All right then, here’s the first line…


What if I said sorry for saying sorry all the time?Вензель_нижний


© All rights reserved 2017

120 thoughts on “Open-Source Poetry #1

  1. I like this idea! I was in a club at my school and we played this writing game with a similar premise, and always got some interesting results! Here’s my idea:

    “Would you believe me if I said I wanted us to stand vis-à-vis, see eye-to-eye?”

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    • I seem to have been a victim of not proof reading lolol somehow a “so” is in where “though” should have been! Lolol that should have read:

      “I don’t think it would really matter to you though, as you seem to revel in my saying it; pushing me to take on a blame that isn’t even mine.”

      I absolutely love my phones keyboard! It keeps randomly inserting words even though I’ve typed something else! Like every time I type “on” I’ve got to go back and change it because it keeps putting in “one” for some reason lololol Does ANYONE know how to get that to stop? Lolol

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