from the heaven of my heart

the universe will end
not when ursa major
does break its toilworn spine
not when the firmament
does crack like an old stein
not when stars like stale grapes
do slough from a skyey vine

the universe will end
not when craters of the moon
do fill with turbid moonshine
not when the sweet milky way
does taste like toxic brine
not when drunk neptune
does lose his trident’s molar tine

the universe will end
that day when your loving hand
does leave mine


© All rights reserved 2017

69 thoughts on “from the heaven of my heart

  1. I hope I don’t sound preachy, but what’s crazy is that I don’t agree with this poem’s message. In fact, I don’t agree with a lot of what you guys say. You have a sense of humor that makes Sylvia Plath look like a squeaky clean school girl! But what’s beautiful is that I admire the imagery you guys use, and I might just end up learning more from you than from the people whose views fit mine.

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