Wingardium Furiosa!

It’s often said that beginning is the hardest part. We’d thought about this idea for so long that we had begun to wonder if it would work at all. Still, you never know what can be achieved until you try, so we’ve decided to make an announcement…

We’ve made our very own Patreon page!

Yes, we’re still a bit shy about asking for money outright, hence the intro full of funny drawings and inconsequential waffle. And while it’s fair to say that we put a lot of effort into all we do, when it comes to self-promotion we feel like dolts.

You see, we haven’t devised a motto where we blubber and scream and guilt you into supporting us, nor have we made any tempting promises about the outcome if you do. No, we just can’t seem to get that part right.

Anyway, we won’t repeat what we wrote for our Patreon intro here. Why not pop on over and read it at your leisure instead? We promise, Dear Reader, that it’ll be worth your while. Well… it should be fun at least.

Come, fly with us!

© All rights reserved 2017

18 thoughts on “Wingardium Furiosa!

    • Such an important role to bring up! Sharing is so very vital – it exposes a wider range of folks to not only this project, but allows more people to get involved who again, even if they just can’t spare anything at the moment, can at least share the information thereby spreading the message even further! Such an awesome thing to do! You rock @Judith (or is it #Judithc here? Lolol sorry forgive an old lady inability to master social media correctly! Lololol) and everyone else here who’s shared the Unbolt campaign! Lady Anne ^^ö^^

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  1. Unbolt me quick! I’ve got to get on over to Patron now! Lolol On my way, PayPal in hand! Anything to help out your great work here! *”Come Fly With Me” blares in background* and I’m off! *zoooooooooom* ^^ö^^ Lady Anne

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