GUEST POST // Bee There by Spahr Plops

bee the buzz
from Flora juices
Bee delighted about

Sip a lip the same
frame of forever.
bee filled with hop
budof hope & wonder

sought to fascinate
mundane pollinate.
Too bee sets shadow
seekless when Spring.

Bee mindful in offering
ambrosia cotton surround
Sound of solitude. bee life
the allergic unconscious.

© All rights reserved 2017

6 thoughts on “GUEST POST // Bee There by Spahr Plops

  1. Really loved this! Thank you so much Saphr Plops for “Bee There”! Such a great original poem about one of my hot topics of late, at as a scientist:
    ‘The perilous situation of the ever humble bee, as they tumble UP the endangered species list; there’s a rumble, from deep in the jungle to desert canyon floors, as these tiny bringer’s of life drift along – bumbling all the way!’
    I absolutely LOVED this! Thank you so much again!

    AND THANK YOU unbolt me as well! I love your guest posts! It allows us the chance to discover other writers and artists we might not otherwise had the chance to! Pure Awesomeness – like all you do my friend!! Lady Anne ^^ö^^

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