Eugene (P.S.)

Hullo, dearest Writers and Readers,

It’s Tati. (Yeah, I’m still here and can speak too. Shocking news, isn’t it?)

Usually I prefer to stay backstage at Unbolt Me, hiding in my cozy, dark corner and letting Tony shine onstage to bask in the warmness of your love. But please, don’t think I’m indifferent to what happens here. I do care.

You can be sure that every day I open WP Admin with bated breath and fingers crossed. I bite my nails, in a state, wondering if you’ll love our newest post or hate it. I read every single comment. Do you still read and support us? Do you still want us here?

Well… Honestly, when I was writing Eugene I didn’t expect such great feedback. I thought it was just another story, just the next post on Unbolt Me. I was wrong.

Let me wholeheartedly thank all of you for every like, comment, and reblog. I felt your emotions and was truly moved by your sincere concern. That’s why I decided to write this post. I thought it would be churlish of me to keep you in the dark about this story. I decided to lift the curtain over Eugene and answer some of the questions that were brought up in the comments section.

Okay, so here we are…

Q: What I want to say to you I’m not sure you’d take well so I’m not saying it.

A: Hmmm… Why not, Crystal? Please, don’t hold it inside. I promise not to bite you.

Q: Great story, true, or not, or ‘based on’…

A: Dear Alli, this is a real story. I adorned it with some artistic details, but you can be sure that all characters and events are entirely true.

Q: You can’t leave us hanging like that! Did you meet him again?

A: Yes, Tanushka. I saw Eugene a couple of times after this. Once I saw how he walks. It really drags at the heartstrings. He’s so stripped to the bone, so weak. I doubt he can even stand without his crutches, not to mention walk.

Q: Did you ever speak to the man again?

A: Unfortunately no, Cher. I wanted to stop, but something prevented me every time. In the last few weeks Eugene hasn’t been sitting in his usual place—I think because it’s getting colder. I hope to meet him again.

Q: I hope Eugene keeps doing his embroidery for a long time.

A: Dear Kat and Ellie, I sincerely hope he will! He has a splendid talent.

Q: I’m sure Eugene is an inspiration for many people.

A: Katharine, I’m with you on this. At the very least, he inspired me to write this story. And it looks like it has inspired many people who have read this story. It makes me so happy!

Q: Maybe Eugene is a supernatural geezer as well.

A: I can bet, Artie, that he is!

P.S. The photo of Eugene in the original post was my own. I was a bit too shy to take it openly, even after we’d had a conversation. I stepped aside, pretended to look for something in my phone, and took some sneaky shots like a coward. Sorry, Eugene.

© All rights reserved 2017

16 thoughts on “Eugene (P.S.)

  1. I’m new to your blog, so I hadn’t read the story of Eugene. I went through your posts to find it, and I’m really glad I did. I know you say you like to stay backstage, Tati, and let Tony be the one to shine. But you really should know that you have a gift for telling a story. I know it was a true story. But you have the gift of words and how to tell us the story in such a way that really touches our hearts. Even if Eugene was not real, this story would make us look at every homeless person a little different. We would remember that they are people, they have feelings. Yes, some have addictions. But even those with addictions we can feel for, because it is an illness and controls them so that they now have lost everything. Your story is so wonderful because it reminds us to be human and to have as much heart for a homeless person starving on the side of the road, as we would a puppy starving on the side of the road. So, Tati, as hard as it is for you to come out and take center stage to write a piece, I thank you that you did. You came out and wrote so beautifully and you SHINED!!

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  2. I’ve only been blogging again a short while, I so remember your words from my time before, and of course Tony’s too. To have you here as you speaking for yourself is special, For all the reasons I came back, I’m glad I came back for this alone. Eric.

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  3. Thank you Tati for your update on Eugene. Maybe he has a more sheltered place to do his embroidery during the winter. Hope you see him again when the weather warmer.

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