awesome sauce

they go together like avocado halves
but not because they’re wrinkled and green
it’s all about the seed and how snugly it fits
what can separate them? not a guillotine!

they go together to make the creamiest dip
naughty guacamole, with sea salt and lime
improper yet tasty in their wonderful mess
they’re willing partners in gastronomic crime

sloppy and slippery and buttery too
they’re low-cholesterol and evergreen-young
complementing one another in velvety sin
they’ll dance fuckenwacken on the tip of your tongue!


© All rights reserved 2017

19 thoughts on “awesome sauce

  1. Oh delicious in word and taste.
    You guys are wonderfully creative!
    Will make you jealous now.
    At its peak season recently here in the eastern side of South Africa, a bag of 16 big, creamy avocados cost €2.70 per bag. Every season, for a while, we have guacamole running in our veins, and no, we never get enough.
    Thank you also for appreciating my writing on

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