100 WORD SKITTLE // Unfrozen (Follow-up to Frozen)

Global warming had started neither here nor there. In fact, it wasn’t really happening at all. It was merely a bunch of hot air caused by a combination of baked beans and massively bearded Vikings farting.

They’d scratch their prodigiously hairy balls before getting out safety razors to shave them with. Their scrotums needed to be shaved carefully so that sparks from the friction wouldn’t set off a fire that burned away the Earth’s atmosphere and everything on it!

Unsurprisingly, that Once Upon a Time that was stored in the freezer began to melt, spoil, turning into a disappointing denouement.

© All rights reserved 2018

40 thoughts on “100 WORD SKITTLE // Unfrozen (Follow-up to Frozen)

  1. Sometimes I walk aimlessly forgetting who or where. Then from out of no where come a spark of friction to wake me up. The electricity of your words or that tug to say I’m here where are you. I miss you guys but its hard to do screen time these days because of Migraine Central
    That’s a whole together time zone. You both take it Any way you can get it cause getting is the hardest part,
    Briefly Yours, Roger Wrong Way

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