penury (partygoer’s purgatory)

it is noisy with whoopee at the bar
it is hot with tamale and saucy with noodle
air thick with ciggy smoke mixed with cheap jokes
yeah, take another toke to forget you’re stone broke

the bar counter shrine is hungering for blood
the bar counter priestess is offering free ribs
heretic heads adorn the timber door stud
and chalices are hoisted over manly beard-bibs

no matter where you go, there you are
no matter when or how, your whole kit and caboodle
you would blindly revoke with a pig in a poke
yeah, fake another hoke to forget you’re stone broke

the bar counter butcher is washing hands in the mud
the bar counter baron is pushing for first dibs
a hangman’s noose dangles from the withered redbud
and malice does roister over the barrow and crib

a battered jukebox gives you a nasty jar
a wooden mug bites your thumb with a sharp toodle
you get sober and woke, and you cast off your yoke
tho’ nothing can ever cloak the fact you’re stone broke

© All rights reserved 2018

24 thoughts on “penury (partygoer’s purgatory)

  1. And upon arrival at the office I find my yellow pear tomatoes have one mutant: the two now-ripe yellow pears have become one – head to tail, as it were. Should I notify the equal rights commission to make sure they get recognized, or wait to see if the seeds from each breed true and they are sexual scofflaws? Oh, drive me to a nearby bar!

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    • Reading it was a lot of fun. Three! Tetiana(sp?) and Tony: twice for the price and worth three times as much! You mesh meanly! Do dark alleys run screaming and crying waving their short arms wildly when you two take a stroll dangerously?

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    • Absolutely they do! (If they know what’s good for ’em.) Oh, and Tetiana goes by many names with her friends. I call her Tati, while others call her Teti, Tatyana, and anything else they can think of. I’m quite jealous. I wish I had that many variations on my name! 😛

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    • Many-Tony(ed), or should I just type (ed) and if you own – or use – a blue pen Ed. well may be apropos, no(s)? Those of us ‘demed to singular uses must forge our own noms: My full given names “J Kirk” when uttered – trilled? – fast thrice is as good a descriptive at times as I have found – given to my by a cross-the-gardenia-hedge nemesis I appellated James Alice instead of Jimmy Ellis. I, however will have to depend on my other “given” names from some bike clubbers with whom I shared a pool-bet: the one of us who got the most A** H**** from three bartenders in a semi-regular pub crawl won the $100 pool…but homage(s) had to be honest and neither cajoled, coerced nor coin-operated. I won three straight before the game got boring because the final rule was all winnings must be squandered on suppage for the participants at the next bar. Tetiana will have to take high honors, Tony. “Tee” Hee.

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  2. Some Kind’a Wonderful, Tony! Thanks for writing yesterday with me some time in the past. Now, smokeless, tokeless and beer-a-week clubishness, I still trip over old stones but my back pockets jingle and sometimes frontpockets fold. Great big of worth there. I shall steal and let it find its way with Unbolt me pointing at Tony Single as the one to blame on FB and Twitter as well as my little hovel on WP. Again, gracias!

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