DARWINIAN // Body Shamer vs. Potty Mind

“Fuck. That’s put me off me dinner.”

I look up in time to see him and his cronies turn away in laughter. And then he takes another bite of hamburger anyway. And then they continue to laugh and laugh and laugh beyond any reasonable point of cruelty. What grade A cunts.

No. I’ve got that wrong.

At least a cunt is warm and inviting, and is usually possessed by somebody who’s glad you’re in the room. And they’ve willingly let you in. Why? Because you’re you, and they like that, and that’s okay. Makes me wonder why cunt has ever been used as a pejorative in the first place.

I wish I was with a cunt right now. Anywhere but here.

So, who’s the tool two tables over? Well, he’s the complete opposite of a cunt, that’s for goddam sure. In fact, I’d call him a dick. No, hang on… I like dicks! I mean, sure, not other dicks. Just mine. It’s not like I go around sucking random dicks or anything. And I’m not saying mine’s the best dick out there either. Dicks, by and large, are simple, unassuming things. In short, a dick’s a dick, and just as there’s nothing inherently wrong with cunts, so too with dicks.

Okay, so he’s not a dick or a cunt. Maybe he’s just not very nice. I’ll have to settle for that.

Note to self: Whenever in public food court, sit with cauliflower ear facing wall. Preferably mirrorless kind. That way, no one sees and laughs. Or sees and comments. Or worse still, sees then completely looks away.

I think my heart is going to kill me.

© All rights reserved 2018

43 thoughts on “DARWINIAN // Body Shamer vs. Potty Mind

  1. I think there’s a special planet waiting for peeps like that. They can all hang out together and stupid themselves to death and leave the rest of us in peace!!! And I LOVE this post….HATE what happened…and I’m sorry….but I agree about the whole “c” word thing. 🤣 See. I can’t even write it!!! 😄 You’re absolutely wonderful. Cheers!!! 💖☀️🐬

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  2. Dang. I would never poke fun of someone with a cauliflower ear on the assumption that they got it fighting someone else. And if that’s the case, they might want to introduce me to the technique firsthand. And I do not believe that’s something I want to explore at this stage in my life. Besides, after just finishing ACDF surgery I have a masterful scar on my neck that is sure to receive some stares just as soon as I’m well enough to begin wandering the earth again.

    Show that ear loud and proud! No one knows how to earned it!

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