ACROSTIC POETRY // Droid Avunculate

Uncle, tell me a bedtime story!
Promise me sleep right after that?

Bearded myths say there’s a purgatory
Right after death, right after begat.
Its goddamned inmates are forever doomed to
Never succeed in finding ease of breath,
Getting sick with chronic, emotional flu,
Insides torn ‘tween flame life and ice death.

No way, Iron Uncle, do they still have human pith!
Godspeed, Tiny Tin. People are just a silly ancient myth.

© All rights reserved 2018

16 thoughts on “ACROSTIC POETRY // Droid Avunculate

  1. Love it! (For what it is)
    Love it! (For what it makes me think)
    And my uncle was more of a father to me (never forgotten, just late in life with what my own anticipation held)
    And can you guess what I gained? (My heart’s desire).
    And love to you. 💖

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  2. as a former preschool teacher, I was lol-ing at “Promise me sleep right after that?”
    as opposed to the typical “I promise to sleep right after!”
    In the future, the little robot babies will have a cute little button their “parents” can push to put them to sleep. Aww..

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