the swansong cycle (part one): swansea suicide (the kamikaze karaoke death metal roar)

i’d had loads to drink and got up on stage
ready to wipe their asses with my whole life’s page
so i said “blah blah” this and all blah blah that
“are you ready to be in stitches? double drat!”

“i’m the queen of the office! the boss don’t scare me!
the fucking tapeworm in her guts, not her pubic flea!
she’d better step off, man! learn her goddam place!
i’d love to see that smile slapped off her face!”

and so on i ranted in a death metal voice
feigning confidence, as though i had some choice
and then i saw her there, boss behind my workmates
while they booed and hissed like a pack of primates

but she smiled and dropped some coins into my beer mug
“if career suicide’s what you crave then your grave’s dug”
well, i know whatever happens must happen for the best
my home’s a gutter now, and i got that shit off my chest!

© All rights reserved 2018

11 thoughts on “the swansong cycle (part one): swansea suicide (the kamikaze karaoke death metal roar)

  1. Mr. Single (may I call you that?) Just kidding, Tony

    I read every line of the cycle (part one)

    Then clicked the link and found there was none

    Went to your website, and search as I could

    This post wasn’t anywhere, lost in the wood

    The title is funny, the thought is contagious

    A suicide cycle? idea outrageous

    Except in your case in a figurative sense

    You meant your career and used present tense

    I saw one advantage of reading that verse

    Hearing that swan croak, would have been worse

    The path to the gutter seemed so smooth and fast

    There’s no way but up when your whole life is dashed

    If personal entropy was this story’s goal

    You managed in spades to dig a deep hole

    Think on the bright side, your future is clear

    No singing for sure, and be careful with beer.

    Von Smith

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    • Hee hee. Sorry about that! I posted this way too early quite by accident, so I took it down again. But here it is now, back for good! And I have to agree that it’s best not to sing and it’s best to be careful with alcoholic beverages. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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