THE CRUMBCAST // Simon Says and the Fresh New Hell

Argh, it looks like I let my guard down! It was another nice and unalarming evening. I was not doing any mischief, not touching anyone, fixing the Primus and stewing in my reflective juices…


Tony decided not to sweat about politeness and just poked his head through my window. Yuck! Time differences are tricky things when you’re halfway sleepy, and your writing companion is boiling and spluttering with words and emotions at the other end.

Oh my God! Did he want to talk about God?! No-no-no, may God keep me from discussions of God! With my brain on autopilot, I muttered something in Ukrainian. Maybe I didn’t even realize this at the time. All I know is that Tony stopped speaking and goggled at me.

“Ah, what?”

Oh… I explained that “Слава Богу, Бога немає. А якщо, не дай Боже, Бог таки є?” roughly translated meant, “Thank God, no God. And if, God forbid, God is still there?” Tony was like, “Okay, I still have no idea what you meant, but… sure!” and giggled. I don’t know why. Maybe my Ukrainian seemed funny to him.

I decided to give him a second chance. “It’s an oxymoron. Nonsense. Like that anecdote about the doctor and his patient.” Tony’s eyes lit up with interest. “Oh, what’s the anecdote? I like anecdotes!” I sighed and said, “A doctor wakes a patient by saying, ‘Patient, wake up! It’s time to take your sleep-pills!’” Tony chuckled at this.

“Yes, I definitely need to use this in my podcast…”

Why didn’t I pay attention to his fuss? Again, blame it on my drowsiness. Well, guys, що маємо, те маємо. Here you can listen how Tony parrots my Ukrainian, prattles something about Stalin and Simpson… and maybe something else. I fell asleep in five minutes, to be honest, and didn’t listen to all that Tony craved to tell me. Maybe you, my dear reader, can listen to the end?

This is a bit strange, but if you want to listen to the sound then you should click on the picture below. Yes, it’s real magic in the digital world, I tell ya!

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53 thoughts on “THE CRUMBCAST // Simon Says and the Fresh New Hell

    • Aw, thanks, Vic. Seriously, it’s much appreciated. And as for the ‘think for yourself’ thing, it’s really only something I’ve seriously begun to embrace in the last two or three years. It’s been a long time coming for me. 😀

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    • Some people never get there so you’re well ahead. I have begun thinking for myself but my brain just has no answers! 😝I think that’s okay. Though I am going to start reading, I think. Who was the author you mentioned?

      Liked by 2 people

    • There’s Philip Yancey who’s a Christian apologist. His writings are quite thoughtful and engaging even if you don’t happen to share his worldview (which I no longer do). And there’s Alain de Botton who is a secular philosopher whose writings are equally compelling (my worldview probably skews closer to his these days). I’m not sure if either of these would truly be your cup of tea but I certainly recommend them! 😀

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