Moses and the Open Eyed Sneeze (Chapter One)

1 God, my head is throbbing!

2 Moses has been donged with a donger, and not just any old donger but a replica of his own donger. It’s not often that an imitation phallus is used to stave your pate in on a date. 3 And not only that, it has a more pleasing heft and rigidity to it than your unconvincing flop of nutmeat ever will. It’s the oaken tree root to your withered sapling. 4 The humiliation!

5 Ruefully, he shakes his head. Moses can’t understand why she doesn’t like his gift. Zipporah can be so unreasonable! 6 His eyes follow the sway of her hips as, zephyr-like, she sweeps out of the kafestiatório with her new dildo in hand. 7 Even now, in her great anger, she moves with the fluidity of a belly dancer.

8 God, she’s enchanting…

© All rights reserved 2016

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