Our Dear Readers,

‘You probably won’t find here brightly colored pictures, hit songs, etc. We want to keep a focus on the texts.’ These words have been a part of our main page preamble since day one. During Unbolt Me’s more than four years of existence, many things have been modified and improved again and again, but never this introduction. What can we say? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

As for everything else… well, that’s always been up for grabs. Our efforts to refine and polish the bejeezus out of this here site have been unending. Hey, it’s fun to play around with buttons and links! Justifying text, setting up columns, and changing font colours are all exciting prospects too. We’re like two blissed out puppies in a pit of chewy rainbow balls. There’s lots to sink our teeth into!

Unbolt Me continues to be a work in progress, and the sky’s the limit. We work hard every day to make Unbolt Me look real cool, neat, and professional. We want to please you, our Dear Readers, with nothing but the best we can possibly do. When we began this blog, we knew our focus. Writings. That’s why we initially didn’t consider social platforms such as Instagram for sharing our words. It didn’t seem to make a lot of sense.

But everything, like time, flows and changes. Not only is Unbolt Me a work in progress, but our minds also. So, our Dear Readers, if you want some visual bling to go with your regular ‘Tati and Tony’ wordage, then welcome to our brand new Instagram! We aim to fill it with lovely images featuring snippets of our writings so far. And for those who prefer nothing but text, feel free to stay here and await our new written masterpieces instead. No harm done!

With love (and massive headaches from the
overabundance of social networks out there),

Tati & Tony

© All rights reserved 2018

36 thoughts on “Insta-BAM!

  1. I wish I had an instagram to follow you guys. It is so daunting to me for some reason haha. But when I swallow my pride and gain some desire/courage to have one you’ll be the first account I follow! I cannot believe for 4 years you guys have stayed committed to your words! It is exciting that you guys are continuing your evolution and expanding that as well. Isn’t there a quote or an adage of sorts that says something along the lines of, ‘if you can’t adapt you die’? A bit morbid and possibly, no definitely misquoted but still potentially fitting, perhaps? haha Anyways, thank you for sharing!

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    • Angela, I think that quote is quite apt actually. You have it right on the money there! As for taking the plunge with Instagram, it took us a long time to come to this point, and we’re glad we did! Hopefully you’ll give it a try too! The more of us that are there, the merrier! 😀

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  2. You guys rock on Instagram too! Just like y’all, I wanted to steer clear of major social media platforms, but… numbers are needed and that cannot be denied. I wish you both success.

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    • It seems like all the young ‘uns congregate there these days, so I don’t blame you for wanting to keep an eye out for ’em, Claudette! As for the justification of text, I think that’s just because we’re a bit anal that way. We do concede that huge chunks of space in the middle of sentences never look good though… 😉

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