not your bitch

we wandered through peep shows, all with a glass floor
pulled down our skirts for the pervs looking up
we got used to the shame, this tedious chore
like our golden coffers were made to corrupt

we ground their laurel wreaths to brew bitter tea
and claimed the remains to make new storied crowns
we were the stars of their voyeuristic spree
carousing soma of feminal renown

we were prostrate matriarchs with pride intact
and their fire loins only provoked us all
we were by far the best, putting on an act
to tempt them and fool them, to give them blue balls

© All rights reserved 2019

38 thoughts on “not your bitch

  1. This is in-your-face Feminism. Just the style of material I hope my daughter reads. And, if I had a son, that would go for him, too. W​ell done. 🙂

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  2. Very powerful imagery, Tony. The first line reminded me of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba who, it was rumored, had goat legs. So King Solomon had a glass floor made with an aquarium under it. As the Queen stepped was about to step on it, she impulsively raised her skirt, and everybody saw that her legs were totally human, but bowed and extremely hairy. It’s a tangent off your idea, of course, but what do you expect from a funky cat?

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  3. the warrior mentality reminds me of the netflix movie “Knock Down The House” about the quest for diversity in Congress. A rep from West Virginia said ‘I’m a bitch but I’m not your bitch’

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