mid death crisis (let him be)

he didn’t walk free on the third day
he preferred to play possum instead
the stone of inevitability
was rolled away, but he chose to stay

in the tomb, he laid to reminisce
but god the father kept making calls
he ignored them and added the contact
to his black list, he was rather pissed!

the needy seek salvation
but who cares for the soul of a saviour?

“stop harassing me, you bearded schmuck!”
he prayed, snug in his burial cloth
“i wanna sleep in, have coffee in bed
not hear your muck! patronising cluck!”

so, he pulled out ‘jenga: day of doom’
blessed the morons who’d banned this comic
buried himself in its yellowed pages
happy on shrooms, human life resumed

the needy seek salvation
but who cares for the soul of a saviour?

© All rights reserved 2018

30 thoughts on “mid death crisis (let him be)

  1. Are you sympathising with Jesus here? Or are you journalling your path to godhood? 😛

    On the other hand, the last few lines remind of a sad poem I read. It goes something like:

    Non est salvatori salvator,
    neque defensori dominus,
    nec pater nec mater,
    nihil supernum.

    (No rescuer hath the rescuer.
    No Lord hath the champion,
    no mother and no father,
    only nothingness above.)

    – HPMoR by Less Wrong

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    • That’s a very good question actually. I think it could be read either way! And I feel that those lines you posted quite eloquently outline something of what we were trying to say. Maybe one day we’ll learn to be as eloquent.

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  2. Same old age old story?
    ‘Get outta bed’ says father to son
    ;There’s a world of work to be done,’
    ‘Jeez, Dad, gimmie a break-
    I’l do it tomorrow, fer Christs sake.’/ Lovely line about salvation/saviour.

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