GUEST POST // A gaze he had to meet by In mind and out

even in this crowded room
it was the type of gaze that filled the air
between them,
it swerved the corners of reality
with tangibility –
he felt it’s whispers wrap the shoulders of his fears
and write a message in the atmosphere
for him to see
the invitation that she
painted there,
in silken threads of space
that she pulled and interlaced with gravity,
a reveal of fortune-cookie
until it was a gaze he had to meet

© All rights reserved 2019

13 thoughts on “GUEST POST // A gaze he had to meet by In mind and out

  1. Quite superb my blogging comrade
    An edge of quirky on a tangible situation
    “To her he looked a way to say it all
    She had a body and no shovel
    He had both and asked if she needed
    She agreed they should never meet again
    After he dug her a hole, got a morning coffee and bought her fresh bagels
    And when the police asked why they got rid of the shovel
    To them it was as close to a wedding ring as each could bare”

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