GUEST POST // ‘Til Heartbeats Meet by Fiery

I whispered you a sweet goodnight
And hoped my breath would kiss you right
I hugged myself and touched your dreams
Penned poetry in golden reams
And though I can’t sleep in your arms
And wrap my heart in all your charms
I gift to you my verses sweet
Let’s sleep in love
‘Til heartbeats meet.

© All rights reserved 2019

20 thoughts on “GUEST POST // ‘Til Heartbeats Meet by Fiery

    • Wow. I just had a look, and I see what you mean. Thank you for bringing this to my attention, Myth. I’m really saddened to see her site is gone. I didn’t really know her at all, and was just an admirer of her writing, just as you were. I hope she’s okay, and I hope she returns to WordPress at some point. 😦

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    • Thank you for your reply. Me too, I hope firey will return! Often I don’t comment or even press like on people’s poetry(sometimes I feel like I’m intruding on a group of friends where was not invited) and I’m sorry that I didn’t do more on her site now because she is gone, hopefully not for long. There are so many amazing writers and I don’t think they realize how good their writing/impact/ work, is! Far too often they go unrecognized for their talents, but then there are those of us who do recognize great writers! I do know that there have been a few writers who have left WordPress due to so much negativity pointed at them. Very sad indeed. I do hope she returns! I do remember reading on one of her post I think it was about a month ago that someone had devastated her they hurt her terribly online. that kind of behavior needs to stop it is a waste of energy and it hurts good people who come to WordPress just to share their wonderful Talent! No one has to like a writer, and shouldn’t talk about them negatively if they’ve never met them! But one thing I think is most important is that we recognize true Talent of so many writers just here on one website, and always of those are learning about writing. Thank you again for your response! ☀️

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    • I’m really saddened to read that. No one deserves to be treated in such a way that they end up going offline. Bullying is a real problem, and one that needs to be treated with more seriousness. I don’t even remember if she had any other way she could be contacted, otherwise I’d flick her a little message begging her to come back. (Yes, it would be for purely selfish motives as I would like to continue enjoying her writings!) I notice that you have your blog on private, Myth. Would it be inappropriate for me to ask if I can join up?

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    • Hey there! 😀 I do remember fiery had a really close friend/poet here at WordPress. I believe he went by the name ‘the lonely poet’. They had seemed to be really close on her blog, a true blue connection. Maybe he/she might be able to help? It really is heartbreaking The Bullying that goes on. many writers want to share friendly words, positive words with people! Come on by my blog anytime!😀 feel welcome to bring a drink or a sedative, whatever will help you tolerate my writing that’ll drive you up a wall I’m sure! 😀 People forget that sometimes those who they bully or mock could turn out to be one of the most important people or best friends in life they could ever have, or need!

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    • Hello Myth. Sorry for cutting. into the conversation. Fiery did have to stop blogging for personal reasons and because of shade she had received here in WordPress. She and I are always in touch. The good news if she is returning with a vengance. She will be posting with her usual Monday to Friday schedule as she did before.
      I will try to find you the link to her blog.

      Thank you for all of the lovely things you said about her. I will let her know of your kindness.

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    • Ah, your welcome! I had remembered her name connected to your blog about a year ago. That is the only reason why I had mentioned your name in a comment. I do apologize, it was not an intent to involve you in anything, in any way, shape, or form. But I absolutely appreciate those writers who should be recognized for their gift, and talent! Not picked apart by insults or assumptions that have absolutely nothing to do with the writing! I’m glad to hear she’s returning with a fierce fire under her right of character!! 🌹 Write on…

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    • Tony when did you reblog this? Oh my god. You don’t know how happy I am. My poetry from the motherhood is lost and I am searching for anyone who rrblogged. You made my day
      Thank you so much and for everything you’ve said here .
      Thank you

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