Thy Rod & Staff (He Watches Me)

And the lord said,
“I Am Calamity’s Form.
I Am The Blinding Light.
I Am The Finger Of Doom
Come To Finger you.”

And we said,
“You hide behind natural disasters,
make mountains from molehills,
and allow your filthy acolytes
to prey and finger the weak.”

Bibles in one hand,
held aloft, spilling holy milt
as the other palms denial.
Acolytes all must agree to be right
but we’re still free to know that you know (that we know).

So, here we stand in the gap,
and finally declare war on you.
The days are numbered, tyrant god,
and yours are running out.
We’re wise to you and yours.

Nothing can save you now,
not even rite nor greased wrung.
No longer lost in corridor minds,
we don’t have to see by your gaslight.
We’re free to unknow all we were told to know.

© All rights reserved 2019

30 thoughts on “Thy Rod & Staff (He Watches Me)

  1. Yes, irony at its best. Anand Bose from Kerala I hope one day you will realize the value of your words are worth many a care, I feel so cared for. Anand Bose from Kerala

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  2. As a college freshman I was working with extremely improverished children in the inner city slums of a city that will remain unnamed. One evening a rather large man accoused me on the street. He towered over my 5’10” height and dwarfed my 150 lb. frame. However, he was quite inebrieted. Without knowing one thing about me, he railed against my motives for being in his neighborhood based solely on what he had heard about my race. He judged me, not based on his personal experience or knowledge, but on the message he had heard from others.
    The point of the story? Messengers or secondary sources are not always the best representatives of the voice giving the message or the primary source. True understanding cannot be attained by listening to flawed or erroneous representatives.

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    • Hm, to be honest, this is more about my disillusionment with the ‘church’, and how this reflects badly on a god that allows child sexual abuse to happen. Quite tough subject matter to be sure, but I think that’s the general intent of this piece.

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    • I understand. As church goers and believers we can’t disconnect our faith from the issues of real life. It should greatly influence all we do by reflecting God’s nature to others. Leaders are held more responsible for their actions for their influence on others. That is a reminder that we everyday people are meant to be living it out too.

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