snowed in

you wake at night
when first snow has tucked the city in
and neon glow has plucked glam rings
into the supercilious dark

you see outside
something shaggy and stark wants in
presses craggy nose, sharp tightening
unto the chilled window pane

you rush through the door
jump up bare to the porch sans clogs
and december like a debauched dim dog
licks your cheek with frosty tongue

© All rights reserved 2019

19 thoughts on “snowed in

  1. The next word after supercilious (at least in my dictionary) is superficial. supercilious superficial is a complete description for someone or something.
    Love your language and your poetry. Thank you.

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  2. Its only flaw is it’s too short, but even that works for a poem that hurries us along through the chill of December. I liked this very much, and I hope you write more. I’ll be including some of my poetry on my blog, too.

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