This Just In…

Dear Readers,

Just a quick update before Tati kills Tony for his phenomenal forgetfulness!

The answer for our last RIDDLE ME THIS post was ‘shadows’, and we congratulate… erm, no one? No one got this! We’re as shocked as you are!

However, we are also very happy because it seems that you all enjoyed this feature as much as we did! That’s why… guess what? Yup! We promise to do it again soon!

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2 thoughts on “This Just In…

  1. Wow. It wasn’t as if someone was constantly reminding you about that in every other post. It wasn’t that someone had given you at least eight other alternatives that fit the riddle far better than “Shadows”.

    What sort of a sick, non-dead organism doesn’t make a shadow during the day or the night. And how are Shadows even harvested at night and eaten by day? Mostly shadows are formed during the day, you doofus!!

    Grapes were a viable option. But the real answer still is OVERNIGHT OATS.

    Also, be prepared to get a call from my lawyer.

    Lol this was fun. Make it a monthly or at twice a month activity and I’ll let it slide.

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