TATI’s & TONY’s DEAD POET TOUR // At Sea by Sara Teasdale

In the pull of the wind I stand, lonely,
On the deck of a ship, rising, falling,
Wild night around me, wild water under me,
Whipped by the storm, screaming and calling.

Earth is hostile and the sea hostile,
Why do I look for a place to rest?
I must fight always and die fighting
With fear an unhealing wound in my breast.

by SARA TEASDALE (1884-1933)
Public Domain Poetry

9 thoughts on “TATI’s & TONY’s DEAD POET TOUR // At Sea by Sara Teasdale

  1. This reminds me of a poetry reading I took part in years ago. There was an old cemetery in town and we held a poetry marathon on the anniversary of the birth of Walt Whitman. It was a great event.

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