100 WORD SKITTLE // The Trouble with Beardies

Any time I want to cry, I go to the kitchen and start cutting onions. Is it cowardly? Yes, maybe, but I cannot afford to let my guard down. The bearded dragons will take advantage of me if I do!

They’re tough little buggers. They cry only when they need to clean their eyes. So practical! Am I practical? Hell, no. I eat their dust in that department!

If I do cry in front of them, they glom on with their tiny straws and start sucking me dry from my tear ducts. I nearly died the last time that happened!

© All rights reserved 2021

15 thoughts on “100 WORD SKITTLE // The Trouble with Beardies

  1. Cute story. I cry during movies and TV shows, not just the sad ones but also the happy ones. Comedies? of course the waterworks begin. I just hope I never run out of tears, because as you said, they clean out my eyes, as well as nose, mouth, sinuses.

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