a Storyteller

He comes every evening.

He sits near my bed and reads tales. The terrible tales.

How the Wolf devours Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White eats the poisoned apple and the Cruel Giant swallows Tom Thumb… Every evening, he ruins my naive childish dreams about the Perfect World. He calls this ‘adaptation’ and preparing for your adulthood’. And he leaves my room with a sense of accomplishment.

I cry… but not too long. I have a low level of adaptation… it’s written in my anamnesis, and I do believe in the power of written words. I just take a pen and start to correct every mistake… to repair the non-perfect, spoiled world.

Tom Thumb swallows cruel giants… Snow White hates apples… and Little Red Riding Hood devours wolves. That looks much better. I fall asleep with a smile… and with thoughts about this strange word… hyperlexia. It’s also written in my anamnesis. I don’t know what it means but I guess that it’s just a perfect name for one Beautiful Princess who steals the eggs of dragons

© All rights reserved 2014

28 thoughts on “a Storyteller

  1. Thank you. Your words reminds me to think like a child again. And it does mean a lot to me. It’s also a pleasure to have experienced writer like you to like ‘Restless Child’. I’m happy that you dropped by my blog. Thank you 🙂

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  2. This is a wonderful essay! Your editor is so impressed, he almost wonders if you’ve replaced him 😛 Kidding, but wow, I am indeed impressed. I never did ask this of the Black Crowned Yew-Crane, but how long have you been studying the English language? You seem to be getting better and better! 😀

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    • Oh, my… Ry, my dearest Cat, you made my day ❤
      Thank you!!
      You gave me new strong wings!!

      Your Black Crowned Yew-Crane has been studying the English language about 2 years, mostly at home and 'one-man show' (she has tendency to self-education and doesn't like traditional educational institutions).
      That is why her writing&reading skills are far ahead of her speaking&listening 😉

      THANK YOU!

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    • You’re welcome! I am much the same way! I am largely self-educated. I dropped out of high school a Straight-A student, got my GED and started college early, and then dropped out of college before finishing a semester. People are surprised to hear that, sometimes saying I must be a scholar… nope, definitely not a scholar lol

      You have made great progress for only studying for 2 years, you are obviously very gifted! I suppose that is largely why I enjoy talking with you and editing your work, as it is intellectually and creatively stimulating 🙂

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    • Ry, I know that many of famous and successful people had serious problems with traditional education 😛
      Abraham Lincoln, Henry Ford, Ray Bradbury, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs… Who remembers their teachers? 😉

      Thank you! I also enjoy our communication!!
      Not a lot of people can be such interesting for me… a couple, de-facto 🙂

      Oh! By the way! May I ask your advice?
      How did you create these popping-references?
      (for example, for ‘vas te faire encule’ here http://21shadesofblue.com/2014/12/08/morbid-introspection-or-braving-a-brainstorm-4-short-story/)

      Take care, my dear self-made scholar ❤

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    • Thanks 😀 I treasure our conversations as well, they are often quite interesting and amusing, and for friends to be true, they cannot be a bore to talk to!

      I’d love to explain how it’s done, it’s pretty easy! I use the old wordpress blog editor, but it may be the same in the new version if you use it.

      In the top toolbar in the old wordpress post editor, there’s a button that looks like a diagonal pill with a thick line through it next to the “Align Right” button. Click the button after you have selected the text you want to make a link. Once you do that, a box will pop-up (I’m sure you have done this so far, as I’ve seen you hyperlink words before). In the box that pops up, are two text field bars. The top bar is where you put the html link, and the bottom bar is where you put the text you want to have show up when someone hovers their mouse above your link. It will all show up as one text block though, no matter what you put into it!

      It personally took me over half a year to figure out how to even hyperlink text on wordpress lol

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    • Damn… is it so easy? I’m an idiot… It’s just a title of hyper-link…
      Of course, I use it! 🙂 Thank you!
      I just thought that it’s another feature, something like ‘Read more’ etc…

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