GUEST POST // Tired by Noelle

a body
filled with organs,
bones, muscles, tissues,
and a whole lot of issues,
yet i still feel so empty.
no protein, no creatine
no caffeine, no adderall
has given me enough energy
to have emotions
without feeling small.
even though my emotions
have always been intense
growing up i tried my hardest
to hide them and now
I’m left with the damage.

© All rights reserved 2022

10 thoughts on “GUEST POST // Tired by Noelle

  1. I hear you Noelle! When one’s voice is constantly stifled, one can lose it. According to Lao Tzu’s wise saying, ‘ the journey of a thousand miles, begins with the first step.’ Chisel away and slowly but surely, find your voice. I wish you success in this endeavour. Have a Happy Easter.

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