PERFECTION IN ACTION // The Omeletted Life

There’s no such thing as the perfect birth when an egg gets cracked in the process.

On the other hand, how to get born without some generous slaps to one’s silky-smooth bottom? Gotta spill some precious yellow soul to learn that life won’t be easy—best to get acclimated to that fact right away.

The cracks over one’s shell become like wrinkles on a face over time. They’re signs of wisdom and emotional endurance. Some fragility is to be expected.

And it affords all the King’s horses and all the King’s men a reason to buy shiny new glue guns!

The Omeletted Life

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15 thoughts on “PERFECTION IN ACTION // The Omeletted Life

  1. Very true and very well said, Tony.
    Which reminded me how a face asked the ass,” We belong to the same person and lived to the same old age, so how come I am all wrinkled, but you are as smooth as the day we were born?” Answer the ass, ” It’s because you laugh and cry and take everything to heart, while I show the world my true essence – I am an ass.”

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