Tumblevision #4

Seven 11

I wish I had some context for whatever the hell this is, but my fifty-year-old brain can no longer recall what was going through my seven-year-old brain when I drew this.

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49 thoughts on “Tumblevision #4

    • Snoopy had a way of expressing himself pretty clearly without words tho and was always his own dog. Mickey always had a lot to say, maybe it was that wizard in Fantasia that’s to blame & for some reason that’s a movie college kids wanna take acid to watch…er…um…trip on. 😳 Anyhow Tony, your child artwork is awesome. You showed real potential. I hope you share more of it!

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    • ‘Fantasia’ is such a landmark in animation, and I would argue even more so than any of Disney’s other films. The ‘Night on Bald Mountain’ section alone is mind blowing! And thank you, my friend! I certainly aim to share more of my child artwork! 😋🙏


  1. You were obviously protesting the Christian church’s role in worldwide deforestation. Each of the Trinity reading from a book, Mickey Mouse is the Father, Snoopy the Son and Casper, well, you get it. I assume the little flower at the back of the line represents your nascent sexuality. I don’t see how you could’ve made it any clearer.

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  2. haha – your 4 year world speaks a language that went out of fashion as you grew up. I wrote poetry at 7 years old that I struggle to understand the meaning of. Cherish who you were then and love the mystery that was your childhood – don’t be confounded, laugh with joy that you were so noble and simple in a way that can never be reproduced. A perfect cartoon here, everyone is wondering why in there are no trees since the landscape is otherwise so full of beautiful lawns and flowers

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