SPAM® Sushi #24

I used to be able to find good information from your articles.
— Sell My Motorhome Near Me

Hey, Motorhome! We don’t wish to keep disappointing you, so we’ve gone and dug up some very useful information that you can genuinely use…
Australia: 1.21 USD/litre
UK: 2.04 USD/litre
Ukraine: 1.15 USD/litre
USA: 1.08 USD/litre*
*Gas prices current as of April 2022.
— Tati & Tony (Two Lazy Arses Who Wrote This in April & Didn’t Want to Check the Actual Prices of Gas Before Publishing in September)

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10 thoughts on “SPAM® Sushi #24

  1. Now you put things into perspective. Recently we had a member couldn’t come to a regular gathering cos the local servo ran out of LPG. They waited days for the price to drop to fill the tank. Eventually they were stranded.

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