Tumblevision #11

Next Year

Someone sees the war on a screen. Someone else sees the war from their very own window. This morning in Ukraine began with another massive Russian missile barrage. Let there be peace in 2023 for everyone.

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36 thoughts on “Tumblevision #11

  1. I said before if I were an unskilled Russian kid forced into this war, I’d get there, lower my weapon, throw up a peace sign and join Ukraine. Now they’re really doing that.

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  2. I dreamt last night I was at a Christmas party and every other hour or so raid sirens went off and we all had to hide under tables, I felt the rumble as missiles flew over and hit buildings just a few miles away and it was terrifying.

    I am incredibly lucky it was a nightmare and not reality.

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    • I’m so glad it’s not reality for you, my friend. Tati lives with it every day. I honestly don’t know how the citizens of Ukraine don’t go insane with the threat of total destruction hanging over their heads 24/7.

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