About Us

A ‘T’ on its own doesn’t seem too dangerous, but add another one and you’ll get an explosive chemical reaction. Yes, like TNT we make a noise, and that’s exactly the kind of thing we love to do! You see, we’re a strange international duo that doesn’t care much for good manners. We prefer our Ukrainian and Australian creative sensibilities to clash in a big way, to make big words and big bangs, and we love people to watch!

So, let us introduce ourselves properly. While it’s true we’re shameless exhibitionists of the literary kind, we also like to think there’s a bit more to us than that. Yes, we’re great lovers of kittens, sushi, and orderly queues too! Read on to find out more biographical (but not biodegradable) nuggets of awesomeness like that!

(aka Unbolt)

Hmmm… What do you want to know about me? My bio? OK!

My bio is laid inside my writings… or is lied. I’m not too sure. Yes, guys, English isn’t my native language, but I have the impudence to write in English anyway.

So, I’m an amateur writer. Surrealism, absurdism, horror, fantasy and poems. You’re welcome! I’m ready for your reprimands and devastating criticism. Let’s go! Fire!

Um… yep. Last but not least, I also use foul language. You may occasionally stumble over something that looks like ‘fuck’, so be careful and watch your step!

Being a true introvert, Tati hates correspondence, but you can take your chances here: tati@unbolt.me

(aka The Janitor)

I’m pretty sure I sprang from a womb then got all growed up and big. And then I started writing and drawing things. The end.

Oh. You want more? Hm. Then why not take a look around and marvel at the sophisticated wordplay on offer? (And maybe read my stuff too.)

Tati lets me stay as long as I keep the plants fed and the rats out of the cellar. So far negotiations with the rats are going fine. (Just gotta wait for them to come back and untie me.) I’m staying away from the plants though. (They may be carnivorous.)

Is that enough detail now?

Tony enjoys correspondence, so anyone who wishes to contact him can happily do so here: tony@unbolt.me

Or you can contact us both here: admin@unbolt.me

What? Are you still here? Seriously, you need to go and explore Unbolt Me right now. Why? Because it’s simply too brilliant to ignore! Oh, and please keep one thing in mind above all else…

Enjoy reading!

© All rights reserved 2014-2018

1,000 thoughts on “About Us

  1. “Hijacked Haiku” your coinage of this topical solution is a scream! AnnieAsksYouSays. Must be careful, J: you easily could get caught in the undertow of truncation as preached by the delightful pair Tati-n-Tony. Now…wonder I if beheaded letters interior words might gain an audience: na wndr eyeif betopped words lacking lights maught a catanewgory be? Mayhap I shall swing from a hunnertwordystory some day soonerishly.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Just noticed: I’ve found at least one more user of singular(ity) when subjecting a sentence to the “understood” one when paired with an any or other such chameleon parading as a subject. You – two, too(?) – immensely admired and not just for this lagniappe in my morning’s keyboard.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Okay: I bought the roadmap and now know why I worship at Messer Lud’s pew. Skittle I think just a fine way to say shortly. The other question (I fo(u)r- and five-get which: naaw. Just keep flinging and between mine own innings I shall conquer my stooping and read a pair of grin-makers. Thanks, Tati and Tony. Now, back to my mean-ness-less-ness.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Hi,

    I stopped by to thank Tati (if I may be so familiar) for liking my poem “Quarks ‘n’ Genes.” But then I learned there are two of you. Does that mean it was only 50% liked, which in high school was a failing grade? That’s a rhetorical question; no need to answer.

    You guys are fun and delightfully quirky—and you’re the first blogging duet I’ve come across. So I’m pleased to make your virtual acquaintances.

    I’ve tried my hand at a couple of Drabbles (100 words or less), but 6 words! That’s taking minimalism to a new minuteness, teetering dangerously close to a blank page. I’m impressed!

    Liked by 3 people

    • Thank you so much for coming round and introducing yourself, Annie. The pleasure is mutual!

      One hundred word stories are damnably difficult to write because of the minimalism you referred to. And six word stories? Almost impossible. It really makes you work hard to distill everything into a minute package. And that said, I’m not so sure that every single six word story we’ve written so far has been a complete success, but we sure do like the challenge, and we sure do like to keep trying to meet said challenge!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Nothing any of us writes is a complete success. (I don’t even know how one could tell that status had been reached). But it’s good you’re enjoying the 6-word story challenge. The phrase that came to my mind is “hijacked Haiku.” I look forward to pondering more of your tiny tales.

      Liked by 3 people

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