100 WORD SKITTLE // Leave Well Alone

Every day is perfect if we leave it alone and don’t try to do something with it. Once we try to make improvements here and there, everything goes down the drain. The whirlpool of truth favours no one.

I believe it’s the same with people. Look at that overweight guy who walks up the street day after day, chowing down on a hamburger. Perfect! Don’t ever try and tell him he needs to start dieting or to fasten a shoelace. He might trip and end up rolling into a storm water drain or something. What a disaster that would be!

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House of Cards ~ The one ‘Four Flush’ collaboration

We, girls, love fairy tales. Yes, we do. We believe in Prince Charming, Eternal Love, Happy Endings and Other Bullshit. We believe in ‘They Lived Happily Ever After’, of course. Who can blame us? You? And you too? Hey, you, go away!

For those staying… I’m happy to present my new collaboration.

Cynthia Morgan 
OMG… She is the creator of the mythical realm of Jyndari and author of the recently published epic fantasy, ‘Dark Fey: The Reviled’, which draws the reader into a mystical realm of primordial forests, magic and the lives of Light-loving and Darkness-revering Feykind. Can you believe it? Me neither!

I was brazen (and full of boundless self-confidence… as always) and sent my request about a collaboration to Cynthia. She agreed. Can you believe it? Me neither!

But it’s true! Cynthia is an amazing and kind person, very cheerful, very friendly and open to collaborations, despite the lack of time (Cynthia is currently working on her next book). So, I was among the lucky ones who got this opportunity to work with Cynthia. YAY!

Thank you, Cynthia! Thank you for your unique style and your odd sexy split infinitive.

What more can one say? Oh, yeah! This narration has 13 haiku (so scary, yes?)… and… it’s my first collaboration with a woman. Good God! Can you believe it? Me neither!


Artwork by Cornacchia

Whirligig of time…
I was born on the slop bog
under shining stars

Chance of Blighted Fate
Twisting all once Treasured
Sorrow Masking Love

My pillows were filled
with warm putrid leaves, peat moss
and innocent dreams

Then Chance Twisted Fate
Beyond all Expectation
Brief Moment of Time

…ball dresses for rats,
sweetest lullabies for toads,
glowworms in the hair…

Sweetest Enchantment
Beguiling Prince Dancing Fair
Beneath soft Moonlight

Grandma’ folios,
a philtre. Love is easy!
I took up the reins

Spinning in Moonlight
Whispers of Fairytale Dreams
Midnight bells Tolling

I rushed at full speed
to a tryst… A braking path
on wet fallen leaves…

Shared Oblivion
Deliciously Tempting
Moonlight Singing Sweet

Oops! Loud brake squealing…
The one boot lies on the road…
Where is my fair prince?

Masquerade of Fate
Time Beguiled by my Ruse
House of Cards, Falling

Whirligig of time…
I was born on the slop bog…
and spent all my life

© All rights reserved 2015