an Invitation (Tea-for-Two)

Well… there’s a hellish private tea-party.
Are you brave? Put on a mask of the Cheshire or the Hatter.
Pretend that you’re fucking arty
And that you’re a God of refined chatter.

But beware of the owner, little sweet Alice.
She’ll offer you a Mad-Poisonous-Mushroom-Brew.
The truth serum which smells like sweet anise…
And she’ll start to torture you with Twenty-and-One Shades of Blue.

Did you fuck up at least once? Kicked down the stair!
Get out! Without umbrellas and underwear!

P.S. Want more details? Please, look here!
(Hmm… and take a spare set of dry underwear…)

© All rights reserved 2015

Maybe (Through the Looking-Glass)

Maybe… maybe it’s time to shout ‘Mayday!’
Maybe… maybe it’s time to break off your fake play!

I’m sick of beating these walls of morals!
Their tips are less droll than the Gregorian Chorales!

Maybe… Maybe… Maybe…
Please, Alice, please, stop to flee!

Maybe it’s time to step through the Looking-Glass.
Alice, I beg, show me your sass!

© All rights reserved 2014


Ivory and ebony, rock crystal and brocade,
Her life is sweet and lovely like Dundee marmalade,
Her life is bright and sparkling, a magic fairy tale…
I met her eyes. I saw her truth. A caged nightingale.

© All rights reserved 2014