Maybe (Through the Looking-Glass)

Maybe… maybe it’s time to shout ‘Mayday!’
Maybe… maybe it’s time to break off your fake play!

I’m sick of beating these walls of morals!
Their tips are less droll than the Gregorian Chorales!

Maybe… Maybe… Maybe…
Please, Alice, please, stop to flee!

Maybe it’s time to step through the Looking-Glass.
Alice, I beg, show me your sass!

© All rights reserved 2014

15 thoughts on “Maybe (Through the Looking-Glass)

  1. Very clever, very creative, as always! I love how you use the English language, intentional usage, brilliant!
    Вы действительно , действительно хотите знать ? После того, как вы знаете, магию , вы не можете стереть зная !

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