a Refuge

please, let me to lay
on this cold granitic stone
between grey and grey.

please, let me to say
I’m exhausted and alone
I feel total splay.

please, let me to flay
I’m ready to give a feast,
I’ll wait birds of prey.

please, let me to stay!
I found my latest refuge
between grey and grey…


© All rights reserved 2014

47 thoughts on “a Refuge

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  2. Pingback: Non Grata | unbolt ~
    • Thank you very much!
      It’s a special poem for me… I know, I broke grammar rules here. I didn’t realize this fact when I was writing. These lines were beating inside my head and I was deaf. When I became ‘sober’ and re-read this poem, I noticed where I fell. But my friends convinced me to leave all ‘as is’.

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