GUEST POST // Alone by Purple Creature

The holidays have arrived again, but the phone remains silent.
Cold leftovers, and empty house, filled with shadows,
Of what’s once was, and will never be again…
I walk amongst people, but are familiar with none.
Lines have creased my once vibrant face…
Smaller and arched is now my once proud posture.
Life is cruel, it moves all around me, yet ignores me…
Invisible, unremarkable, an after thought…
A very distant forgotten memory I have become…
The touch of another person, the interaction of a conversation,
The glances and recognition that I even exist, are now alien…
Who am I ? What have I become? And how I got here, are questions
I ask myself as I look at the reflection staring back at me…
I am looking at a stranger looking back at me, someone I no longer recognition…
Now… I am truly…

© All rights reserved 2014

2 thoughts on “GUEST POST // Alone by Purple Creature

  1. “Alone”, wow, very profound. Do we all feel this way at times? Everything is in flux, always in motion, always changing. Time seems to ravish everything. Fantastic poem, very chilling because of the reality it speaks to. Excellent!


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    • Thank you, Alice…

      Unfortunately… the author will not see your beautiful comment. His choice was renouncement.
      I adore this author and his works. He is great.
      And I’m a lucky… I’m an exclusive owner of his book.
      I decided to publish some of this stuff. I hope, Purple Creature wouldn’t mind…


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