GUEST POST // When Time Stopped For You by Kasey Stafford aka BasicAudio

The younger days grew older,
With the hourglass dropping bits of time,
I sit, staring at shared memories left unto me.
These nights grow colder.
I’m throwing wishes toward the heavens,
For you to walk this earth again.
To see my friend, I wish
I knew why you left.
Still I was left to wonder.
Left to stare at the remnants of a shattered life.
Lost to it’s meaning, suffered in it’s feelings.
The news broke me in two.
How your skies faded from blue to black, I’ll never understand.
How could you give up?
You left me in the dark,
Before you blew out your last candle.
Tears falling like the stars,
Where your light now resides.
Flickering echoes of a soul lost in the universe,
Forever reaching for Gods hand,
While mine are shaking, gathering up sand.
Piecing together the hourglass,
Holding it together with memories,
So it can never be broken again.
Rest peacefully with the stars.

© All rights reserved 2014

My first (and unexpected) collaboration

It’s not a verse, actually. Rather, it’s a creative flow. It was started just out of the blue. I didn’t realize that we had started until the third strophe. It was an open start, and we decided to leave an open final because this dance can’t be finished…

Thank you, Kasey, for such an amazing experience! Will you dance with me again?


I’m like water. Water of life… Water of death… I’m just flowing and dissolving all that I meet. While you float into eternity in the currents of time, I’m the rocks beneath the surface. Silent, worn and still. I’m singing, I’m dancing, I’m playing with a pebble. I’m tickling your rocky heels and smoothing your rough pleats. Shadows waving over us as the wind dances with the tall grass along the shore, taming the sun’s heat. Earth’s ballet going unnoticed. It’s going unnoticed… We are involved in our dance. A passionate bolero is whirling us. A dance of Water and Stone. All other things don’t make sense. Hear the sounds of a soothing melody, so lovely and bright. Guiding us towards desires held tight. Somebody says that it’s a battle. A wave was broken, a rock was bitten… But it is only silly tattle. Moving to the rhythm of the currents, we’ve danced our way downstream. Polished enough to reflect her beauty back at her, we drift, soaked in moonlight. The rhythm becomes faster… the song becomes free… the brilliant variations, the giddy pirouettes. Enchanted moon looks down on our silhouettes. Spiraling into eternity, the sound echos through and through. Giving the greatest view, our movements were laid down within the stars…

© All rights reserved 2014