GUEST POST // The Comfort of a Warm Heart by Poetic Depression

My cold-blooded and weeping heart
pressed against my chest, hard
Feelings intertwined with quilt
An empty glass never filled

Lose me once and I’ll never return
I need you for longer than now
It looks like I’m not the only one that still has to learn.

vaguely I remember her
A face beautiful, like her
her attractive individuality.

She sat alone on the stairs of the church closed down
For no one believed in God
Everyone had their reasons she tought.
But she knew she was lying

and I walked by
Offered her the comfort of my warm home
I told her not to be scared
I told her that she didn’t have to be alone

and I offered her some tea
“with sugar” she pleased
I smiled and poured it in
The start of a beautiful sin.

And we did not kiss
and we did not touch
we just talked the night away
let our problems astray

Then she left me
and never returned
bound to find her
but i had learned

I was alone

sitting on the stairs of the closed down church
Something hard hit my back
It was the door
by a woman in that crack
It was her
Tea with sugar?
she asked.

© All rights reserved 2015