captain ‘sirocco’ dustpants

if i chose a superpower
i would pick to be errant dust
i’d pass through glass and hour
fling into eyes with every gust

any batman, any joker
would be out of their league
neither spade nor super soaker
will slow my grainy blitzkrieg

you can hide your useless gun
and unclench those comic fists
my stinging blasts you’ll not outrun
get my warning, get the gist

not a sick, bloodthirsty flower
nor nipples spewing toxic lust
if i chose a superpower
you’d tire of choking on my dust

© All rights reserved 2022

100 WORD SKITTLE // 2021

“No, I won’t have a Happy New Year!” she declared defiantly.

Santa shrugged. “As you wish.”

The child swung her legs restlessly as he scratched his long white beard in contemplation.

“How crappy would you like it to be then?”

Her legs stopped. She began to squirm on Santa’s knee, fixing him with a quizzical eye.

“Oh, you’d like it to be agonisingly bad?” Santa lifted her off. “I understand, child. And you can stop creasing up my magic pants.” He placed the girl on the store carpet. “The elves spent all night ironing them out, you know!”

Wish granted!

© All rights reserved 2021