Sometimes I think that I must live without
My ears.
The slops of words just flow into this downspout.

Sometimes I dream that I must live without
My eyes.
The loathsome things just settle on this hangout.

My nose, mouth… The ineffective stuff.
My fingers would be quite enough
For my escape from this dull jail.
God bless you, monsieur Louis Braille!

© All rights reserved 2014

30 thoughts on “Braille

    • Thank you, Tony!
      I hope, it doesn’t hurt you… Let me know if it’s so, OK? I hate the thought that I can upset you.
      Hidden smiles… yes, I’m a prof of this science 😉
      (BTW! ‘Inside I’m Dancing’ (2004) – a great movie!)

      Liked by 1 person

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