Oops!… We Did It Again (GUEST POST // I don’t want by Tony Single)

Erm… hullo there. (This is rather awkward…)

Dear Reader, the stuff that was originally posted here has been removed.

We have done this because said stuff has since been included in one of our published books. We hope you’ll believe us when we say we’re not trying to be stingy. No, this has been done to honour the people who have already spent their hard-earned money on our eBook creations.*

If, however, for some reason you’re unable to buy one of our books, and feel you’ll die without seeing this piece of writing, then please contact us via admin@unbolt.me. We won’t allow our Dear Readers to fade away in the dark. We’ll send you the piece in question, and it will be absolutely free. All you need do is ask.

* Of course, we would be like two happy puppies if you too decided to buy one of our books.

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17 thoughts on “Oops!… We Did It Again (GUEST POST // I don’t want by Tony Single)

    • Wow… thank you!
      Yes, Tony is a very gifted artist… a talented person is talented in everything 🙂
      I adore his comics. But I really impressed by his writings!
      I hope, Tony doesn’t mind that I unwrapped this excellent poem and showed its beautiful nakedness… I showed only gnawed written bones without a pictured flesh 🙂

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    • Tony! I’m happy that I have an opportunity to show your writings on my blog…
      I’m impressed by your multifaceted talent!
      // Beware! I’ve found your podcast! 😉

      I have only one claim… Why so few poems there?
      I want more!

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    • To tell you the truth, I wrote many of these poems a few years ago over a five year period. There are only forty something of these poems in existence. The ones you see on my site were, over time, refined to a point where I felt I could finally reveal them. And I will reveal the others, one at a time, once I feel I’ve refined them enough too. It’s the enthusiasm of you and others that makes me want to do this even more now, Unbolt, so thank you! 😀

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    • Oh, I understand you… there are no boundaries for perfection!
      I read that Leonard Cohen wrote about 80 variants of the text for his ‘Hallelujah’ and this took about 5 years.
      OK, I’m ready to wait… but, I hope, a bit less than 5 years 😀

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    • I don’t know, Ry…
      Sometimes even I can’t identify my mood 🙂
      But… after all… sadness isn’t a bad feeling. As for me, it’s the most productive mood for creation… probably.

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    • That’s exactly how I view the emotion! I just don’t want my friends to be consumed by it, and the sentiment of the post seemed to be expressing a sense of feeling isolated from friends, and I don’t my friends to feel that way. You mentioned something about not wanting us to drift apart, and I was just checking, and wanting to assure you that everything’s cool between us, I’ve just had a lot on my mind. I haven’t forgotten you, and I have no intentions of forgetting you 🙂

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