GUEST POST // I don’t want by Tony Single

i’m so angry at you all
but i’m not allowed to be
my lot’s a feral ground
your words lay shallow over me

you throng along golden paths
high above my burial mound
i rot, i gasp a plea
in hopes that you might come around

but everything’s the same
love’s for the living it seems
and i still have to be me
quiet now in this grave of dreams


© All rights reserved 2014

17 thoughts on “GUEST POST // I don’t want by Tony Single

    • Wow… thank you!
      Yes, Tony is a very gifted artist… a talented person is talented in everything 🙂
      I adore his comics. But I really impressed by his writings!
      I hope, Tony doesn’t mind that I unwrapped this excellent poem and showed its beautiful nakedness… I showed only gnawed written bones without a pictured flesh 🙂

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    • Tony! I’m happy that I have an opportunity to show your writings on my blog…
      I’m impressed by your multifaceted talent!
      // Beware! I’ve found your podcast! 😉

      I have only one claim… Why so few poems there?
      I want more!

      Liked by 1 person

    • To tell you the truth, I wrote many of these poems a few years ago over a five year period. There are only forty something of these poems in existence. The ones you see on my site were, over time, refined to a point where I felt I could finally reveal them. And I will reveal the others, one at a time, once I feel I’ve refined them enough too. It’s the enthusiasm of you and others that makes me want to do this even more now, Unbolt, so thank you! 😀

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    • Oh, I understand you… there are no boundaries for perfection!
      I read that Leonard Cohen wrote about 80 variants of the text for his ‘Hallelujah’ and this took about 5 years.
      OK, I’m ready to wait… but, I hope, a bit less than 5 years 😀

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    • I don’t know, Ry…
      Sometimes even I can’t identify my mood 🙂
      But… after all… sadness isn’t a bad feeling. As for me, it’s the most productive mood for creation… probably.

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    • That’s exactly how I view the emotion! I just don’t want my friends to be consumed by it, and the sentiment of the post seemed to be expressing a sense of feeling isolated from friends, and I don’t my friends to feel that way. You mentioned something about not wanting us to drift apart, and I was just checking, and wanting to assure you that everything’s cool between us, I’ve just had a lot on my mind. I haven’t forgotten you, and I have no intentions of forgetting you 🙂

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