44 thoughts on “an Incandescent lamp

  1. she’s an addict of your work (yes she is) a dreamer of your art (yes she is) a follower of your path (yes she is) and though she scrapes her knees is observance (yes she does) she never seems to reach (no she doesn’t) the top of your immense tree of knowledge so … send down a ladder, dear.

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  2. And the light shines through our open wounds, too, so we are radiant… Perhaps what Isa ibn Maryam meant when he said, “Let your light so shine…” We can only shine after we’ve been so wounded? An interesting thought; perhaps I’ll have to write about this! Thank you for this lucid thought, my dear Mad Hatter! 😉

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    • Good morning, my dear Sheldon!
      It’s rainy and gloomy in my world now. I don’t mind. I like rains.
      Please, let me know if I can help you. I received some wet rainbows today…
      I can share them with you and your world.
      As always, your Tia


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