Love for Love

Why can’t you get it,
you weedy-brained gardener,
with a rusty can
dripping with dirty water
full of stinking pesticides?

I feed on poison.
My roots become sturdier.
I feed on poison.
My mucus becomes denser.
I feed on poison, dumbass!

You never got it,
you weedy-lived gardener.
The only poison
that’s mortiferous for me…
Pure water. (He had sweet brains.)

© All rights reserved 2015

My special thanks to Tony Single
for his endless patience
and profound knowledge of irregular verbs!

25 thoughts on “Love for Love

    • Aww… you really know how to make me swoon from pleasure.
      (It was good luck that I didn’t hold in hand my sharp poem! It could be… yes… mortiferous.) 😛

      Thank you!
      Oh… suddenly I realized that I don’t get your new posts via my email. I even supposed that I unfollowed you by chance. No… all is OK. Strange.
      Hey, WP guys! What the hell?!


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