Six Word Stories Omnibus: Volume Three

The aghast ghost of Hemingway harrumphs,
“I havent sufficient six word stories,
you fools. Less is not more.
More is more. Feed me now!
Make me a corpulent fiction fiend
for minimalist tales – my Hors doeuvres!”

Story 1:
I’m stuck here, tomorrow never arrives.
by Bloghettihoops

Story 2:
Yeah! I will surely try them!
Story 3:
All of them are so cool!
by Meher

Story 4:
Eyes are the most attractive part.
by Bridget the Ladybug

Story 5:
His are cold, hers are dead.
by Violet Online

Story 6:
It’s strange this six-word thing.
Story 7:
Excuse an Englishman his cricket metaphors.
Story 8:
Hit by lyrics of a miss.
Story 9:
Scrub the nonsense will you please.
Story 10:
I can’t resist these damn things!
by EDC Writing

Story 11:
“Lets talk.” He closed his eyes.
by Wordwool

Story 12:
Every word makes you ask questions.
by Nadia

Story 13:
“I see,” said the blind man.
by Colin and Ray

Story 14:
Red dripped slowly. Paint? Blood? Jelly?
Story 15:
Just watch out for the puddle.
Story 16:
Bear! Bear? Bear! Crossing the bar.
Story 17:
Wild ducks. Overhead. Winter. Quacking up.
by Dunnasead

Story 18:
Old eyes recognize smile–new friends.
Story 19:
All about you didnt work well.
Story 20:
Venus de Marshmallow… guy loves plump wife.
Story 21:
Wow wow wow, this is fabulous!
Story 22:
Oh wowza, that’s a great one!
by Azul

© All rights reserved 2016

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