nabokovian naiveté

love is nocturnal, don’t you know
you were born so i need not yet die
and tho’ night hies eternal (don’t let go)
hope krills ablaze across my sky
in a million of your freckly stars

thaw my moth-eaten skin, won’t you
never let me peel away from your flare
arc me into your tender fire patch
(and just so you know, i hurt to breathe)
pin me, girl, make me your butterfly


© All rights reserved 2016

76 thoughts on “nabokovian naiveté

    • I find the site a little hard to navigate at times and you never come up in my feed so I go there as much as possible so I don’t miss a recent posting from either of you – I hate it when I do.

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    • Well I expect/suspect it’s ME because I’m not very good at navigating anything (life?) so don’t take it from me, take it from someone who doesn’t get lost in a paper bag 🙂 That said. I love the site I love the idea of picking a different thing each time, a random magickness to it. I wasn’t sure where to find your recent work but going back I see that now so it was my mistake I think I just misnavigated. Yours is original and far different to others, this is a good thing it’s also very professionally done and from what everyone has said, I think it’s both easy to use and intuitive. I may have to stop drinking so much coffee 😉

      Liked by 2 people

    • I’m not terribly good at navigating either, so I completely get you there, C. Hell, it’s a bit of a miracle that I even find the front door any given day! As for coffee, I’m afraid I never took to the taste of that. I wish I had. Everyone else in the known universe seems to love it so I feel a little left out at times. Ha ha! 😛

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