Our Pathetic Sales Pitch

Guess what? We’re already prepping our second book. “Say what?” we hear you cry. “The second?!” Oh yes, the second!

Huh? What’s that? You haven’t heard about the first? Shame on you! Go and check it out here and… well, maybe buy a copy? Is that too brazen for us to say? Yeah, it probably is. Sorry! (Damn. We suck at this marketing thing.)

Anyway, you’ll be seeing some art related to our second book soon. In the meantime, here’s a drawing of us that we’ll be splashing all over some upcoming Unbolt Me merchandise. Exciting times!


© All rights reserved 2016

58 thoughts on “Our Pathetic Sales Pitch

  1. Tony! Good morning sir, you never appear in my reader only in the email and since all the 1000+ posts go into the email I have trouble finding you, and…… congrats on the second book, didn´t even know you had a first, where can I find that?

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  2. It’s inspiring
    And I say motor through
    I can say I knew you when you were small
    And I could cut,between my finger and thumb
    Maybe when we’re old we can trade dust
    For giggles and shit
    The Sheldon Perspective

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    • The pinup seems to be very nearly a lost art. I am glad to see people like Dita doing the work they do to revive it. As I have mentioned elsewhere, I also like the old 1960’s / 1970’s Playboy / Penthouse style “cheesecake” (aka “centerfolds”). Ah, to think that the elders of the day thought such things would “corrupt our youth” and destroy the “fiber of our nation.” Ever heard of the “Meese Comission”? (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meese_Report What an abomination regarding free speech!)

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    • I think those would have to be among my favourite images on your site, GT. I really appreciate that cheeky, old style art that you don’t see much of any more. And, yes, I’ve heard of that report. While I do think women should never be exploited (or, indeed, anybody), not everyone in that industry is there against their will. It’s a tricky subject though, and one that needs to be looked into with more forethought and care than it seems this committee did.

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    • Yes, I agree. “Exploitation” is a very difficult term to pin down. A person may think they are exploiting their “customers” when they are making thousands of dollars but then be angry when they are older and believe they were exploited. That seems to be a repeating pattern that happens with some (but not all). I will note that the ones who complain loudest about being “exploited” were ones that did not have very successful careers (exceptions do exist) whereas those with successful careers just acknowledge that as a “different part of my life.” (Asia Carrera comes to mind for this last point. She is, now, a mom and essentially a private citizen but when she does grant an interview that is what she says. She was wildly successful at one time, and now she lives a very quiet and private life. Jessie Rodgers, on the other hand, would like reforms. She is probably right, also, given certain kinds of health issues (cleanliness and hygiene). But still others were in the business for a few months, are forgotten, suddenly became “religious,” and now shout out as reformers. These latter commentators just do not have much credibility with me. And, some of the most successful are now on the other side of the lens (notably: Suze Randall). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suze_Randall As an aside, I am a major fan of Randall’s work as a photographer. Arguably she is the very best photographer in the “business.”)

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    • Actually, there are a couple of documentaries on Netflix regarding the porn industry. I found these to be quite eye opening. Exploitation probably goes on more than we’d like to think, but I’d still argue that not everyone involved in that industry is being exploited in the ways that we might think, if at all. It’s definitely a complex subject that requires a nuanced approach.

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    • Actually, I was thinking of some of those very same documentaries on Netflix when I wrote what I wrote, notably “When the Porn Ends.” It was there that I saw some of what I was mentioning. The main problem the famous (successful) ones have are the same problems that any celebrity (think: Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger; the members of Pink Floyd) would have. I think the Asia Carrera interview (one of them; she has given several) was on there also. (Looking for the correct spelling of her name, I found this: http://www.asiacarrera.com) Arguably , she and Will Wheaton are handling being 1980’s celebrities in roughly the same way. And, I have no doubt some abuses occur. The entertainment industry in general is notorious for that, and I have no doubt that porn / pinups is at least as bad (likely a bit worse re: hygenic issues) as any other segment. See, also: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0088258/

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    • Quite a bit of food for thought there, GT. And, yeah, that was the documentary I was thinking of too. It was quite good, wasn’t it? Kinda glad I signed up for Netflix now. 🙂

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    • I think I might have seen another, also, but cannot quite recall the name. A few more and we will have a (sub-)genre! 😁 Leaves me wondering whether or not anyone has done one specifically on the pinup girls of 50s / 60s / 70s (/ 80s?).

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    • I think that is a profound statement. Without sexuality, “evolution” as biologists describe it could not exist. Oh, wait, you said “enchanted.” (I thought you said “enhanced.” But I think I will leave the comment as I wrote it. The “enchanted” part is true, too! 🙂 Maybe you really meant both! )

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