Button Unbolted

Dear readers, we have a little confession to make.

We were supposed to write “HAPPY NEW YEAR AND BELATED ORTHODOX CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! DING DING!” at the end of the following video but we… well, we forgot.

You see, we were laughing so hard. We were enjoying the process. We were getting a bit carried away with our first awkward attempt at video making. Will you forgive us?

Anyway, we want to thank you, our loyal readers for a wonderful 2016! You kept faithfully coming back to read our strange brand of poetry and prose, and we even released two eBooks! We truly could not have continued Unbolt Me without your ongoing interest and support.

It’s with deep gratitude that we present this silly video to you. Please enjoy it. And in the meantime, we wish you a very…


© All rights reserved 2016

60 thoughts on “Button Unbolted

  1. Buttons, Keaton thought you were terrific. Well, he did leave when you said you were going viral. I guess he went out to find you and eat you!!!!
    I told him you were too cute to eat so…he went out to find lizards instead.
    Happy New Year to you three!

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    • I believe that phrase was from Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In, wasn’t it? I’ve loved it for as long as I can remember anyway, and it just seemed like a perfect fit for Button’s personality. 😛

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    • It’s a total fit for Button’s personna. And yes, I think that line was from Laugh-In. Sounds like something Ruth Buzzy would have said. I remember watching that show – probably being far too young to get it, but I seemed to have gotten it. The world needs another Joanne Whorley don’t you think?

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