Horcruxes & Uppercuts!

Dear Reader, let it be known that we always strive to fulfil our promises. Now, you may be asking what it is that we promised this time. Well, let us tell you…

Photos. Insights. Dancing elephants. Okay, maybe not the dancing elephants, but we did promise the first two things. Oh, and our immortal souls. That last thing scares us a bit as we’re both quite private individuals. There are things we don’t even tell each other!

However, Dear Reader, we pledged to make an exception for you. So, now we’re going to pull out our best pink, lacy pantaloons from our most secret chest of drawers and prance around in them. Yes, this is what we wear when we’re taking photos of our favourite things!

We have decided to show you a bit more of our real lives in Australia and Ukraine. Yes, we want to pick out the everyday, ordinary, common things that surround us in our waking hours and reveal them to you. We’ll even compare and contrast them. This could be fun! This could be educational! It could even be both at the same time! Shocking, no?

You, Dear Reader, can even vote on these… should you so wish. Who is cooler? Australia? Ukraine? Or maybe even your own country! (If so, then we demand photographic proof!) Come on, join us! This could be a wonderful bonding exercise as we all get to know each other a little better!

For our first installment we have picked a book series that we both love and own. You can find the photographic evidence over at our Patreon page! Go on! Take a look! You’ll be glad you did!

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Button Unbolted

Dear readers, we have a little confession to make.

We were supposed to write “HAPPY NEW YEAR AND BELATED ORTHODOX CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! DING DING!” at the end of the following video but we… well, we forgot.

You see, we were laughing so hard. We were enjoying the process. We were getting a bit carried away with our first awkward attempt at video making. Will you forgive us?

Anyway, we want to thank you, our loyal readers for a wonderful 2016! You kept faithfully coming back to read our strange brand of poetry and prose, and we even released two eBooks! We truly could not have continued Unbolt Me without your ongoing interest and support.

It’s with deep gratitude that we present this silly video to you. Please enjoy it. And in the meantime, we wish you a very…


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