SPAM® Sushi #1

Dear Readers, we’ve seen many mad things made from SPAM® such as costumes, musical instruments, and even sports gear. However, we like to do even madder things with it. Is it possible to make something crazier than Sir Can-A-Lot or Can-Jo? Yes. Making answers to spam comments! Welcome to The Night of the SpamEaters®! (Don’t forget to put your bibs on!)

Baby security gates aгe typically made use of on staircases, entrances and somke uneven openings in thе residence.

Thank god for those security gates, eh? Babies are monsters, and they must be contained! Let’s stay vigilant so that we can escape this residence of evil alive!
—Tati & Tony (of the SpamEaters® Initiative)

(Anybody need seconds?)

© All rights reserved 2017

27 thoughts on “SPAM® Sushi #1

  1. The spam golf bag from the spam shop is hilarious. Who would buy such a thing? Outside of a Spam Corporate board golf-getaway, it seems inappropriate almost everywhere else. That said, I’m currently talking myself out of buying that Canjo.

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  2. I thanked God for those security gates all the time!

    Those Somke(tm) openings, however, I never gave thanks for. That shit’s awful. Cthulu’s minions come through the Somke(tm) openings, and not only will they eat you alive (while you’re awake) slowly after they paralyze you — what’s worse, they totally ruin the fucking carpet. Board those Somke(tm) openings up immediately; give no thanks for them. God hates them, too.

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  3. I get the most bizarre spam–almost all sexually and pornographically related. I don’t get it. Do these people fancy my blog as its place for the kind of mess I see in my spam folder? It’s almost unreal.

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